Our Testimonials

"My husband Harold has been installing your excellent radiators in a condominium complex mostly for retired folk. They are replacing an older model electric radiator of some vintage. He is now working on the fifth condominium to request his services and your products. We much appreciate their solid construction and sleek design."
-Emily & Harold – Interior design and installation - Darby - PA

"Overall my experience with Runtal has been excellent. the only issue I had was I bought the wrong thermostat at first but a tech from Runtal helped me locate one that would work."
-Jeremy - Architect – Philadelphia -PA

"I own a midcentury home in a Frank Lloyd Wright historic community in Pleasantville, NY. Our original radiant heat which was cutting edge in 1950 has mostly failed. This is a system of a heated slab on grade, and to replace and repair it meant almost a total demolition of our home. We found Runtal electric radiators to be an amazing option. We left the floor in place and installed the heaters which not only function perfectly and also look very attractive and fit in seamlessly with our unique architecture. We have heat again! Thank you Runtal for your exceptionally fine products." Leigh – Pleasantville, NY

"....I wanted to send you some pics of the heaters installed! They are great!!! Everyone who comes by loves aesthetically how they look.. and functionality wise they are really great and work a treat!! We visited a friend of ours in Seattle who is working with a design-builder… they have your heaters installed in their structures!! So cool! I think that people really appreciate the quality and science behind your heaters .. they really are a cut above the rest! I’m traveling this week but would love to send you some cool pics when I am back!". -Katie in HudsonNY
"While in the planning stage for my new modern home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I chose Runtal Radiators for several reasons. First, I was familiar with Runtal radiators while living in Switzerland and I wanted the sleek Eurostyle design. Second, Runtal panels are known for their quality and quiet efficiency, which we felt would work well with the SIP (structured insulated panels) from which the walls, floors, and roof are constructed. In addition, to the panels, we installed a Neptune towel radiator in each bath. The results are outstanding not only in terms of the panel design, but the quality of heat achieved. The panels and towel radiators are clearly built to last, and they are easy to clean. We worked closely with Rick at Runtal and visited the factory in Massachusetts prior to moving to Santa Fe. The entire experience – from working with Rick to receiving and installing the panels – was flawless. I would highly recommend Runtal Radiators to anyone looking for a complete heating system or supplemental heat." -Mimi, Santa FeNM