Runtal Electric Wall-Mounted Baseboard Series

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Runtal’s Electric Wall-Mounted Baseboard combines the high output and low surface temperature in a durable flat tube design. The Wall-Mounted Baseboard Series, Model EB-3 offers simple, conventional installation for either new build or direct replacement of existing wall-mounted electric baseboard product. The EB-3 baseboard units are available in lengths from 3’ to 10’ in increments of one foot and are 10 1/8” tall. Model EB3 baseboard units are available in 120, 208 and 240-volt configurations to match most electric source applications and can be easily wired for thermostatic control with Runtal’s RST WiFi-enabled smart Thermostat, or any suitable line voltage thermostat. All units are provided junction box connection points at both ends for either side, bottom or rear connections. Crafted using the same welded steel principles as all Runtal heating products, the patent-pending electric radiant baseboard series is like no other product available, offering unmatched durability, design beauty, and performance.


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Winter means you need to take the chill out of the room. Let’s be honest – you want the cold out of the house as a whole. Runtal wall-mounted baseboard radiators are the perfect addition to your living area, bedroom or anywhere that needs extra heating. They emit enough warmth to maintain a steady temperature throughout the property. Their location means the air rises and quickly spreads throughout the room. With our wall-mounted baseboard radiators, there’s no need to suffer from the unpleasant window draft any longer.

Of course, you want to know more about how they work and how we can help. No problem! Continue reading to find out about our range of wall-mounted baseboard heaters and their benefits.

How Do They Work?

Aside from their location, our baseboard radiators come in a durable, flat tube design. They are welded with steel construction and finished with an advanced powder coat for long-lasting results. Thanks to the manufacturing process, they are eligible for commercial and residential applications.

wall mounted baseboard electric radiators

They also combine high output and low surface temperature to provide a quality heating. All of our products are available in various lengths to ensure you receive an item which is tailor-made for your home or business. From 3’ to 10’ in increments of one foot, they are available up to 10 1/8” tall.

As well as performance and durability features, Runtal wall-mounted baseboard radiators provide really great aesthetics. They are designed to be sleek and powerful to fit into any space in any room in the house. Check out the colors here. Alternatively, custom color matching is available on request. Follow this link to research the BTUH heating capacities.

Smart Home Capabilities

Homeowners emphasize the need to transform their house into a smart home. By controlling the thermostat, you get to slash energy costs. Plus, there is the added benefit of conserving your energy by using one device to manage your needs. Whether it’s in the house or remotely in the office, it’s important to have the choice. Make sure to add the RST Thermostat to any Runtal radiator order so you can control with your smart phone. 

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There’s no need to panic about rogue DIY either. The model EB-3 offers simple, conventional installation for new build wall-mounted electric baseboards. Or, it’s perfect for direct replacement of existing ones too.

Pros Of Wall-Mounted Baseboard Radiators

You might be reading this thinking “that’s all well and good, but how does it impact me?” After all, a wall-mounted baseboard radiator might not be in your thoughts. If this is the case, take a look at the following. Here’s why our range of heaters is a must buy.

Energy costs: Heat rises, and so does the cost of energy. Studies show there is a hike in prices each year regardless of the service. What you might not be aware of is the fact they also increase based on the settings. For every degree over 68°F, you can expect a 5% boost in heating costs. With Runtal’s wifi-enabled thermostat, it’s not hard to turn down the temperature wherever you are during the day or at night. That means households can save a fortune as a direct result.

Safety: Portable heaters often get in the wall. This isn’t the case with wall-mounted baseboard radiators. With their position in the room, it poses zero safety risk whatsoever. So, you can walk around the room without fear of tripping over and hurting yourself. If you clean it regularly, the chances of allergies won’t be as high either.

Efficiency: It’s easy to assume radiators are efficient in general. The truth is that they don’t work in the same way as baseboard heaters. Under windows and on the floor, the heat rises and combats cold air which might occur due to drafts. While there isn’t a fan to blow the heat throughout the house, it does ensure a toasty temp in the room itself.

Runtal Support

Because we offer unmatched durability, design and performance, our baseboard series is like no other. So, call us today on 1-866-421-3528 on for more info and free design support.

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