Which Model is Right for Me?

Choosing which Runtal Electric product works best for you is a balance of heating performance and architectural preference. No matter what your design objectives are, Runtal Electric Products can meet your need.

Runtal Electric Baseboard  

Wall Mounted

Wall Mounted baseboard radiator

Runtal Electric baseboard is suitable for any area of the house where lower wall space is available. Favorable locations are on the outside walls, below any windows. See all options here.


Runtal Electric Free-Standing Baseboard

Floor Mounted EBB

Free Standing Baseboard

Runtal’s exclusive Free-Standing Baseboard model can be installed anywhere in your room where wall space is not available or suitable for mounting. The Free-Standing Baseboard is mounted directly to the floor, and is supported by our exclusive and robust pedestal design. The pedestal mounting system provides a complete finished back to the EB 3 baseboard model, so it is beautiful when viewed from either the front or the back. Ideal for rooms with floor to ceiling windows. Shop Free Standing Baseboard Radiators here.

Runtal Electric Wall Panels

Wall Panel electric radiator

Wall Panel

Our Swiss heritage comes out in the Wall Panel design. As seen all over Europe, the Wall Panel design provides an option where “low and long” will not work well with your room design, or space is limited. Wall Panels are typically mounted in proportion to the room’s windows and just below the window for effective heat distribution. Perfect for older homes with tall windows, refurbished apartments/condominiums as in the regentrification of downtown projects, and as a replacement for anywhere old steam /water cast iron radiators where installed. Shop our Runtal Wall Panel Radiators here.